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Roof Inspection in Fort Wayne

Nov 28


Roof Inspection Services Near You

Fort Wayne Roofers is committed to providing the best possible customer service. To ensure you get the best roofing services, Fort Wayne Roofers will conduct a free 16 point inspection, talk with you about design and give you a quote. roof inspection in Fort Wayne ensures that we are completely aware of the condition and can recommend the right solutions to any potential damages. We stand behind the estimates we provide our customers. We guarantee that we won't charge extra if we discover more damage during inspections.

This comprehensive 16-point roof inspection checklist contains:

  • The roof's condition is assessed from the ground
  • Assessing the pitch is the best way to determine the best materials for your roof.
  • Counting the roofing layers that need to be removed
  • Looking for nail pops
  • All skylights to be inspected and counted
  • Verify that the roof is not wavy.
  • Pay attention to any weak spots in the decking.
  • Checking gutters for granular deterioration
  • Do not allow moss or algae to grow
  • Checking the ventilation system
  • Check for flashing around chimneys, walls, and other places.
  • Inspecting any pipe boots
  • Examine for curled, blistered, or buckled shingles
  • Inspect the attic to see if there is any damage to the bottom decking or rafters
  • Test for mold on decking
  • Check for moisture in your attic



Never again roof

It is essential to have a roof that works properly. Fort Wayne Roofers experts are recommended to ensure that your roofing services are performed correctly. We are experts in making the roofing process easy. Our reliable and affordable roofing services are performed by qualified Field Managers who use premium materials. Our Executive Collection of products and our Executive Installation Process allow us to give our customers the chance to Never Roof Again. Fort Wayne Roofers offers a strong, reliable roof that lasts for the life of your home.


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