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Roofing Professionals near Belleville IL

Apr 18

The roofing process in Belleville, IL requires extensive knowledge and a diverse set of skills. From removing existing shakes to dealing with hail claims hiring a licensed Belleville IL roofing company is the only way to ensure the best job done to your house. We'll conduct a free on-site estimate. The majority of repairs can be completed in one to two days. Sax Construction has the right products and services that will meet your roofing requirements.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

Many homeowners see a wet area on their ceilings, and believe that they possibly need a new roof. There are many reasons that a roofing system could be leaking. It could be a problem which can be fixed without the need to replace the whole roof. Sax Construction offers a free examination of your roof if you notice any signs of leakage, or missing or discolored shingles.

A roof leak can cause serious health problems and also damage. If you're experiencing a leaky roof there is now moisture within your house that can cause mold, short circuit within wiring and even cause health issues for you and your family. This could be due to damaged shingles, blocked gutters or cracks in the roof's structure.

Contact the local Sax Construction Belleville roofing contractor when you spot any of these issues. Roof leaks could be dangerous for your home and cause several health issues. Sax Construction can help you in the event that your roof has holes or leaks.



We try to find the most affordable option for you and that means making a decision on whether you require roofing replacement or roof repair by the best roofer in the city of Belleville! Sax Construction is the right option. Our Roofing belleville il experts are experienced and professional to assist you in all your roofing requirements. There are many options for Asphalt Flat, Flat, and Metal roofing.

Sax Construction offers all of the services, which include maintenance repair, replacement, as well as roofing inspections. We also handle insurance claims for the Metro East. Our insurance experts are highly educated and will help you obtain the money you require for roofing repair. It is our duty to ensure that your roof is back in shape to protect you and your family. If your home or new deck is damaged by a storm, then you may contact our deck building Belleville IL friends with Metro East Decks, to help with deck repair or replacement!

Get in touch with your local roofing contractor in St Louis mo in the event that your roof has suffered significant damage.


State Farm and USAA offer discounts for roofing that are made of impact-resistant materials. Contact your insurance company to see if your roof is eligible for a discount. Contact us if your roof qualifies for a discount. We'll happily fill out an impact-resistant roofing form on behalf of you.


Do you have a historical home with a flat roof?

For the most part, houses with flat roofs can go into a rough patch mainly because the roof wasn't properly installed the first time. Most likely, it's due to the roofing contractors who were responsible for the repairs were inexperienced and weren't the best people for the task. It's unfortunate since there are numerous factors that go into maintaining a flat roof that is properly maintained.

We've seen amazing flat roofs by other roofers that Metro East has available, however the requirements for the building may have changed. When the roof is in need of a change, it will require a new roof.

Whatever your particular situation may be, you must know how your roof is built when it comes to maintenance repair, replacement, and repairs. We provide local homeowners and businesses some great insights into the most effective flat roofing materials available on the market, and whether or not it is advisable to put them on your roof.

Which is the best?

This is, in truth, one of the most difficult questions to answer. Although there could be numerous identical commercial and residential structures with the same roof structure but they are subject to various historic ordinances. They are required to respect historic guidelines as do other cities with old buildings. Flat roofing is not an all-purpose solution. The type of roof that is installed will depend on the structure underneath. Every one of the Metro East roofing contractors are fully aware of this. Our team will be able to discuss your roofing requirements with you as budget is always a key element. We're not the only roofing business located in St. Louis mo that's a good match for you.  Come and learn more on our website:

Commercial roofing

We provide commercial roofing projects too. We've been installing many commercial roofs. Do not look any further if you are looking for a roofing company st louis mo for your business located within the St. Louis Metro East. We will provide you with a free estimates to help you determine is the best option is. We have worked with other contractors in the past to put up commercial roofs in past. We're eager to assist you with your commercial roofing project.

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