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Five Great Tips for Hydroseeding

Apr 20

Denver Hydroseeding is very popular in fall. Hydroseeding lawns can take several weeks.

Prepare the soil before you begin hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a process that requires soil to be in good condition.

Water is always accessible

Hydroseeding requires that you water your seedlings at least three times per day. Make sure the sprinkler is able to reach all areas where they have been seeded.

Don't drive or walk on an area that has been seeded.

Seeds can become extremely fragile within the first two to three weeks. A sprinkler is able to water the seeds and germinate them without physical contact.

Before you start the process, weed your lawn

It is crucial to weed your lawn at the least one week before planting the seeds. They will grow back and choke new grass.

Afterward, fertilize

Your hydroseeding mixture will likely contain fertilizer. However, it is a good idea to fertilize your grass once a month. To ensure your grass is healthy, you should apply an all-purpose fertilizer every 6-8 weeks.

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