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Three Common Services Included in a typical roofing warranty

Jun 18


One of the biggest questions you'll be asked about your roof warranty if you're installing a new roof or replacing an existing one for your home is: What's your roof's warranty? The warranty for your roofing typically covers the following guarantees:


Manufacturer Warranties

The company who made the product which was used for the repair of your roof is usually the one who backs it up. A manufacturer of shingles for instance has a guarantee for their products so long as they are regularly maintained and are properly installed. If defective materials are found, your manufacturer may pay the roofing contractor to return to replace the product.

The Contractor's Workmanship Guarantee

A gutter repair professional in Rapid City, SD typically offers a work guarantee. These kinds of warranties vary in length depending on the contractor but generally, they provide a guarantee of at the very least six months after the job has been completed.

Installation Defects

A Teamwork Exteriors also offers a warranty for installation defects. The warranty is extended to the workmanship guarantee. Installation defects are usually covered for a longer period of time than the original workmanship warranty. It can offer assistance in the event that the contractor determines there were defects during the installation caused by an inexperienced installer or with the right conditions for installation.


If you're in the market for an expert roofing company in SD, make sure that they are reputable. A reputable roofing company can assist you in obtaining the most common warranties for roofing. They will also be determined to stand by their work. It is possible to reduce the likelihood of having to use the warranty by locating gutter companies rapid city, with experience.




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