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What are the factors that determine the price of My Roof Replacement?

Jul 24


Nobody wants to dish out cash to replace their roof, but that isn't a reason to deny the fact that we all need to perform it at one point or the other. Any time someone has their roof replaced there are two things on their minds.

They'd like it done properly If they're going invest money in it. They also are concerned about the expense. They're worried about the cost of replacing their roof by a reputable roofing contractor near Helotes.


These facts will help you to understand the factors that affect the price of replacing your roof.


A breakdown of the average cost of a Roof Replacement

We'll start by looking at the national average. Then we can look into the individual aspects that could make the cost higher or lower in the future. On a global scale, the average cost for replacing a roof is $7211. This is a very precise figure. There are many elements that can alter the price of a roofing replacement.


Your home's area

The square footage of your house is one of the major factors that will directly impact the cost of replacing your roof. Remember the average national statistic from up above? It is based on an average cost of roofing of $400-$550 per square.


What does that figure tell you about the cost of your roof replacement? That means the bigger your home and the more square footage it is and the larger the roofing material and labor you'll require.

The Roofing Material

The kind of roofing material you choose will affect the cost of your roof replacement. Shingles are very common and with good reason, they're cost-effective and last for many years . This makes them an investment worth making as a roofing material.


If you decide to go with an alternative type of shingles like concrete shingles, instead of asphalt shingles, the cost of the project will go up considerably. A roof replacement that uses asphalt shingles has approximately seven thousand dollars. However, replacing a roof using concrete shingles can cost over the figure of $20,000.


Metal roofing is typically more expensive than asphalt shingles as well, however, there are some advantages of metal roofing that might make it a more suitable choice. The worth of a metal roof is determined by the shape of your home as well as the typical snow load in winter.


Metal roofing is useful as snow will fall directly onto your roof provided it doesn't touch your front door. The main benefit to this type of roof is that it doesn't require you to clean snow off your roof manually!


The Form of Your Roof

While the form of your roof might not be a major concern to you, it's essential to professional helotes roofing. A safety device will be required if the roof of your home is particularly steep or unusual. This can increase the cost.


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