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National Museum of Australia

Sep 3

About National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia, in Canberra houses a fascinating collection that explores the social history and key issues which have shaped our nation. The museum was established by an act passed through parliament many years ago- it's now one those things you can't live without if visiting this beautiful city!

The museum houses Australia's largest collection of Aboriginal bark paintings and stone tools, as well as other artifacts dating back 50 thousand years. It features a timeline that tells the story from 1788 when British settlers first arrived to modern day Sydney going through key events such like Federation or even how it played an important role in hosting games during Olympics 2000.

The new Museum is a powerful and immersive experience, which could be seen as an exploration of Australia's history. The building itself has been designed by architect Howard Raggatt (designer) with the theme "knotted ropes." This brings together many story Tellers from all over our country in one space- telling their stories through architecture!

National museum Australia

What to do at the National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia Press is a publisher that takes an innovative approach to history. They publish books and journals in order for the public, scholars alike have access not only what happened but also how it impacts our present day lives as well!

The National Historical Collection at the Australian Museum is a history and culture treasure trove. The museum's extensive collection includes more than 210,000 objects that cover three main themes: Aboriginal peoples' traditions from all over Australia; European settlement in 1788 to the present day - including art pieces made by original settlers.

The architecture of this place provides an extraordinary opportunity to explore the rich and diverse stories Australia has told throughout its history. Take a guided tour or wander solo through many exhibitions, getting acquainted with real objects from Australian memory--the cherished memories that are still here for all who visit!

Aussie Museum

One local company in Australia that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Luxury Landscaping Canberra

Address: 17a Geelong St, Fyshwick ACT 2609

Telephone: (02) 5114 2552