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Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Tips

Regular Maintenance

Almost every HVAC unit will need some kind of attention, and for most, the maintenance that will be needed is relatively small. The big difference between units is the amount of usage that is used on an ongoing basis. For example, a unit that is frequently used will require a higher level of maintenance. The unit will need your attention every so often.

Some of the tasks you need to do every six months are:

Rejoining your unit in service.put the unit to proper airflow mode. Using cool and warm settings. Cleaning by cleaning the pull chain device. Cleaning the blower housing. Ensuring that your finned air filter is in good condition. Ensuring that the condenser coil is clean from dirt and debris. Ensuring that there are no cooling coil leaks.

Your Air Conditioning System’s Maintenance Tips

A lot of the stuff that needs attention on an annual basis is actually common sense. This is especially true for units that use gas fuel.

However, none of these maintenance tips will be any help if you determine that your problem is a breakdown in your appliance. Following will be some things you can do to determine if it is a problem and what you should do.

Find out about the age of your system. Units that have been in use can be the home of air conditioning problems.

Check for any obvious problems such as leaking flue or condenser coil, or if you find cracks, you need to inspect the space inside. Also, look at the electrical components of the unit to be sure that everything is working right. Check for frayed wires and connections.

Test the thermostat to be sure that it works correctly. A unit that is installed correctly should come with a thermostat that will automatically maintain an air conditioning temperature. A thermostat will monitor the air mixture and temperature and will shut off when the temperature gets too high or too low. This will be checked and set at your preferred temperature setting.

Tighten and clean the electrical connections in between the unit and its gas supply. An air conditioning unit that is correctly connected to the wire connections will make it operate more efficiently. Be careful when handling these utilities though.

In most cases, an air conditioning unit will be installed against the wall, usually against a clear glass pane, with the unit then recessed in the wall. Other units are installed in front of the unit and then are freestanding. This unit must stay close to a heat source. There must be a direct path to the thermostat unit, which is sometimes installed in the ductwork system.

Window units use supplemental heat, which means the temperature is not controlled with the thermostat, but by the time the heat gets to the thermostat then the temperature is already decided. Take into consideration that the range of temperature difference from 10 to 20 degrees. The temperature difference between the wall inside and the thermostat unit can provide signals for the appropriate seasonal change in temperature.

From the outside unit, you might also need to look out at the land surrounding the unit. Trees, bushes, or other landscaping that would block the airflow to the thermostat unit can impact the air conditioning temperature. You will have to make sure that these areas are cut away or trimmed back so that the unit will be able to use the air to get fresh air into the system.

Before beginning your service check-up on your air conditioning unit, make sure to turn off the electrical power to your unit. The regular household circuit breaker can be used. The danger of electrical shock is always a concern, so make sure you do not leave it on.

As you check the unit, make sure all connections are in good working order by testing them. A garden hose full of water can be placed on one connection to make sure water will drain from the holes where connections are attached. If connections are fine, then the unit is good for operation. If not, replace the unit, together with any parts that need to have updated or replaced.

Be sure to clean the condenser drain with a hose, but remember that this is a job for a professional and not the average person. improperly Installed parts, thoroughly cleaned or not trimmed can result in some very costly damages to your unit and to life and limb.


It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that their air conditioning unit is operating properly. Some common indicators that your unit needs to be checked are:

· The unit is rarely or never cooling properly on even the hottest days of the year.

· Insufficient cooling for your house.

· Excessive noise from the unit.

· Others comparable to the tax credit if you buy energy-efficient devices.

In the event that you should determine that your unit needs replacement, always seek a professional technician because you can void the warranty should they service rather than attempt it.

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